The Best E Cigarette Reviews Of 2018

Electronic cigarettes are not a new phenomenon and were introduced as a substitute for standard smoking. With time, the e-cigarettes garnered fame and many e-cig brands appeared in the market offering electronic cigarettes. While e-cigs are a popular transit product for people who moved from regular smoking to vape, beginners also prefer to smoke e-cigs as it is a better alternative to regular smoking and there are no risks of any fatal disease caused by conventional smoking.

The popularity of vaping and the demand for e-cigarettes in the market demonstrates a rising pattern in the fame of this electronic smoking choices. The upsides of vaping exceed the cost of the item as it is costlier than a typical cigarette. Some of the advantages that contribute to the acceptance of electronic cigarettes are

• Electronic cigarettes use fewer chemicals and have no harsh substances

• Health-Related risks of using electronic cigarettes are low

• It is a less addictive alternative to normal smoking and thus easier for people to shift to if they intend to quit smoking

• In Vaping, there is no unnecessary smoke that not only contaminates the environment but also makes it excruciating for other people to be around a cigarette smoker

Learning About E-Cigarettes

Electronic smoking has become widely popular and people are switching to vaping and e-cigarettes. Many e-cig brands have introduced several varieties of electronic cigarettes. While an e-cigarette in its simplest form is a smoking alternative tool but owing to its popularity many big brands introduced new features in e-cigarettes. Each brand has its own unique product features to offer to the smokers.

The information on the products can be confusing for beginners and for those smokers who are shifting to electronic cigarettes but are baffled by the choices of manufacturers and e-smoke brands available in the market. Choosing the right electronic cigarette is necessary to have a proper vaping experience.

The Best E Cigarette reviews of 2018 cover some of the best brands of e-cigarettes. You can compare prices, read reviews, and find resources on how to buy the cigarette at retail stores and online websites. Studying our e-cig reviews will allow you to study the top varieties of e-cigs. While you go through the reviews it is a good strategy to pick a brand that supports your smoking preferences to avoid any issues later.


The Top Electronic Cigarette Reviews Of 2018



Available at a price of $49.95 this is an all-inclusive smoking kit. Ideal for smoking it comes with two batteries to ensure extended life of the product. It also contains two clearing tanks and five replacement coils. Such enhancement means that you will not be needing an electronic cigarette anytime soon if you buy the SR 72 VAPE PEN STARTER KIT. The kit also comes with an e-juice bottle with storage of 30 ML.

In 2018, this kit has received recognition for its price and high quality and is available for both beginners and regular smokers. The product comes in different styles and colors to add style to your smoking.

Mig Cig Couples E-cigarette Kit Review

At $99.99 the Mig Vapor E-cigarette offers great value for its price. The kit has many add-ons including different size batteries and they included more refill cartridges than available with other brands at the same price. The Couples E-cig is ideal for a couple and can also be gifted to a loved one.

The kit is available in a variety of color and each kit contains two standard size cells, 5 different sizes of refill cartridges, two charging cables via USB ports, a car charging tool and a carrying case and lanyard.

It is truly an amazing offer at an affordable price. The Kit is available in most retail and online stores.

Halo G6 E-Cigs Analysis

For the astonishing price of only $35, this e-cig design has a close resemblance to a cigarette. It has multiple colors option and comes with two automatic pull batteries. The kit contains Vape Cartridges and offers three flavors to choose from. The three flavors are Smooth Tobacco, Turkish Tobacco, and Tropical Blend. Other accessories include 5x Cartomizers (Pre-filled or Blank), a USB and Wall Charger and a user guide.

The brand has received mixed reviews from the users. While some smokers have appreciated the slick design and affordable price others have not appreciated the limited no of flavors available and average battery life. The vapor production is also low when compared to similar e-cigarettes options available in the market. Despite the concern, this is one of the popular e-cig brands, mostly because of its price and stylish design. It is a good option for beginners to start off with e-cigarettes.

V2 Power Cig Review

It is available in white color and costs $19.95. Unlike most other e-cig brands, the V2 Power Cig has a unique selling proposition that gives this product an edge over its competitors. Unlike other e-cigarettes that are designed for smoking it the outdoors, V2 is for indoor smoking at houses or in offices. You just have to make sure that you are near a USB charging port! It is ideal for people who spend much time at home or are working indoors at their workplace.

The V2 is designed to be simple to use and straightforward. All you have to do is plug it in the port, filling it up and then start vaping. There is nothing simpler than this! It has one click functionality where a click will enable you to vape and when you release the button you can stop smoking.

The kit comes with a 7-foot power cord and a simple to plug USB connector that is easy to use. There is no need for a battery as it used USB port charging. Although it will restrict mobility while smoking with this device but the upside is that you will never have to worry about battery and charging or replacing the batteries.

Epuffer Ecos Review

One of the best brands of disposable e-cigarettes is the Epuffer Ecos. Unlike other electronic cigarettes that have an extended life and can last for months and years the disposable brand has a life of few hours can be used for 300-500 puffs. Since they are disposable the costs of these cigarettes are around $5 to $10.

The Epuffer is a popular disposable e-cigarette and comes in menthol and tobacco flavors. It has good battery life and a neat design. In disposable cigarettes selecting the Epuffer Ecos e-cigarettes is a good choice and is an exciting new variant of disposable vaping option in the market. Not only you can buy these cigarettes at low prices but since it is disposable you can select different designs and style of Epuffer Ecos.

Charlie’s Club E-Cig Review

This is a unique e-cig offer where you need a paid subscription to avail cigarette service. There are a monthly fee and estimates for your monthly smoking will determine the fee. The club provides you with vaping cartridges. This is perhaps the unique feature of this cigarette brand working on memberships. The Charlie’s Club E-Cig offer three kits for smoking. The plans for the kits are the silver plan priced at $34.99, the gold plan priced at $49.99. and the platinum plan priced at $69.99.

The silver plan is a basic subscription and includes a basic smoking kit with two batteries, a single cartomizer and allocation of 15 cartridges in a month. For light smokers, this package will last for a month.

The gold plan is for smokers who smoke regularly and except for the basic items in the kits, it has 25 cartridges.

Those who smoke 2-3 packs a day can subscribe for the Platinum plan with 50 cartridges in the kit. This package is enough to last for an entire month even if you smoke heavy every day.

While this option may appear costly but not only it comes with free shipping but it will budget your smoking expenses and is an affordable alternative to other bigger e-cigs brands.

Choose The Best E Cig Option For You!

These are some of the Best E Cigarette Reviews Of 2018. While you browse through the reviews you must consider the sources of reviews. While most companies promote their products by listing down all features and benefits it is better to go for reviews covered by independent users and websites. You will get a complete and honest review with price specification, overall ranking and people preference of one e-cigarette brand over another.

Some of the features to look for in reviews are the prices of the e-cigarettes, the components in the kits, the durability of the cigarettes and the battery life. Those who prefer style and design should also check for the different color options available and the shape of the cigarette. Going through our reviews will help you to check some of the best e-cigarettes available in the market in 2018.

You can direct yourself to the e-cigarettes company website for further information and shipping options.