The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Of 2018

You have taken the correct decision to switch over to electronic cigarettes after realizing the health risks posed by traditional cigarettes, as the fumes of the latter contain thousands of toxic chemical compounds, including carcinogenic ones, affect your health and that of your loved ones. The microscopic toxic compounds float in the air and enter the body of your family members when they inhale air inside that room. This is known as passive smoking. On the contrary, the vapors released by the e-cig contains a mixture of water fumes and nicotine, is harmless for health. The composition of the e-liquid includes a mixture of flavoring, nicotine (available in various percentages), vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, and water. Most individuals are reluctant to swap to e-cigs, as they believe that it will not provide them with the same satisfaction that the classical cigarette does, as they do not know that nicotine, available in e-cig vapors too, is what leads to addiction to smoking.

Confusion Selecting An E Cigarette Brand

However, thanks to the huge number of e-cig brands available online, you might get confused by deciding which one offers you the best value for your money and provides you with satisfaction. This article provides details of a number of e-cig brands along with the different types of models made available by them, to ease your selection process. Remember, you should only purchase your requirements from reputable online shops, even if the electronic cigarettes sold by them costs more, as many stores, selling cheap models, purchase their electronic cigarettes from manufacturers based in third world countries where they are manufactured in shady underground labs that never bother about the quality of their e-cigs. As a result, these digital cigarettes never provide you with proper vaping experience. In fact, some of them might blow up while you are vaping them, leading to death or serious injuries on your face.

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They are an overwhelming favorite in the industry since they offer devices, e-juices, marijuana vaporizers, and all sorts of mods.  They are the most complete brand in the world of vaping.

VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer 400×600

The Model Of The E Cigarette

E-cig brands apart, you should also consider the model of the electronic cigarette. As you are shifting to electronic cigarettes for the first time, you should preferably purchase a disposable model. They are quite cheap and provide approximately 250 puffs before the e-cig runs out of e-juice and power and you have to discard it. They also provide you with the opportunity to try out different flavors of e-liquid and nicotine strength to determine which one suits you the best. Once satisfied with a model, you can opt for refillable vape pens manufactured by the same company. They use an e-liquid cartridge or contain a refillable tank that you can refill with e-liquid. The pen models also have additional features such as a display that shows you the amount of charge remaining in its battery, and a switch that allows you to change the voltage of the coil. The amount of vapor released by the electronic cigarette is directly proportional to its temperature: higher temperature settings provide more vapor, whereas lower temperature settings provide less vapor.

A brief description of how the e-cig functions

The digital cigarette consists of two parts… the battery chamber and the vaporizing unit, connected to each other. The battery chamber contains a light emitting diode (it simulates the burning tip of the traditional cigarette), a lithium-ion battery, a microelectronic circuit board, and a wind sensor. The vaporizing unit consists of a coil made of a resistant metal containing the e-liquid coil inside it. When you drag on the e-cig, the flow of air activates the air sensor, which in turn switches on the battery. The latter then supplies power to the electronic circuit as well as to the coil. As power cannot flow freely through the coil, it heats up the same, heating the e-liquid enmeshed inside the coil, causing the e-juice to boil and release vapors that you inhale. The process is the same with electronic cigarettes containing a refillable tank. The sole difference is that that coil heats the liquid stored inside the tank, rather than the cartridge.

Points to ponder while purchasing electronic cigarettes

When searching online for reputable e-cig brands, ensure that you opt for a model that allows you to use cartridges and e-juices manufactured by other companies. This is important as some models employ e-juice pods that only fit in it. In such a scenario, you can only use e-liquid manufactured by the company whose e-cigarette you purchased. You should also consider the size of the electronic cigarette. If you want to carry the electronic cigarette with you, opt for a portable model. If you want to enjoy the gadget along with your friends, then opt for a desktop model. Such models are heavy, but produce lots of vapor, and allow several individuals to use it simultaneously. The cost of the e-cig might appear intimidating at first. However, you can avail of discounts off the list price with the help of discount coupons, available on many online portals. You should also browse through the site of the vendor thoroughly, as most of them have pages through which you can purchase specific models of electronic cigarette and accessories such as e-juices at discounted prices. Find below a list of the best electronic cigarette brands of 2018 along with their features. Select one that meets your requirements and purchase it.

Juul Vapor E-Cig
If you are on the lookout for the best electronic cigarette available, look no further than the models manufactured by Juul. This innovating and unique e-cig is shaped differently from models manufactured by other brands, although its size is akin to the smallest e-cigs available. Its design is so beautiful and sophisticated that many users call it the iPhone of electronic cigarettes.

However, do not be fooled by its size as it generates the most vapor and boasts of a high nicotine level. Apart from being light in weight, it charges quickly too. The cons of this device are that it employs e-liquid pods. This means that you cannot use third-party cartridges or e-juices with it. Apart from this, this device is quite costly when compared with e-cigs offer from other manufacturers.

Their device kit contains the bare e-cig and a charger whilst their starter kit includes the device kit along with four different flavored e-liquid pods: Crème Brulee, Mango, Cool Mint, and Virginia Tobacco.

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Aspire Gusto Mini
This model is perfect for those who plan to use electronic cigarettes for the first time as well as for the seasoned pro. It provides more vapor than the average cigalike and has several features that put it ahead of the others. It’s simplicity of use and the fact that the user does not have to bother about refilling juice or replacing oxidized coils. Just insert a new pod when the one you are using exhausts. This device is ideal for beginners who do not want to tinker with different settings. Like the offering from Juul, this model too comes with great and exotic flavors of e-juices. The unit also contains a battery life indicator, which warns you when the battery needs charging. Unfortunately, the e-liquid pod of this unit does not offer a 0 mg nicotine choice. The number of flavors to is quite limited. Since it uses proprietary pods, you cannot use e-liquids manufactured by other companies. It also does not offer mouth to lung experience. Hence, those who plan to switch to electronic cigarettes for the first time might not find this device suitable. The unit ships with one additional e-liquid pod and two replaceable mouthpieces along with a charger.

Kandypens RUBI
This model stands apart from the two mentioned above as it offers you the freedom from using e-juices manufactured by other companies. Although it looks similar to a modern electronic cigarette, it generates a bigger cloud that most other devices in its price range. Refillable pod apart, this model is pocket-friendly and ships with a lifetime warranty. It charges quickly, has a comfortable rubber finish, and is extremely small. Unfortunately, it does not score well on battery life as it contains a 380 mAh battery. This means that you have to recharge it frequently as it runs out of power quickly. However, it makes up for these drawbacks by offering you a powerful blast without compromising on the quantity of nicotine delivered. The manufacturer also offers a wide selection of e-liquids. Do not forget to subscribe to their newsletter as you get a 20% discount on their electronic cigarette by doing so.

Halo G6
This is one of the best starter kits available on the market. What sets this device apart from the rest is the e-liquids offered by its manufacturer, available in a wide range of flavors and different nicotine strengths. Halo has a reputation for making some of the best e-juice available. You also have the option of selecting from a wide variety of batteries and e-cig colors. Its cartomizers are easy to swap and come in both pre-filled and blank options. The unit ships with one USB charger, a wall charger, two 78mm automatic batteries, and five cartomizers. To make the deal sweeter, the deal sweeter, the manufacturer allows you to select the cartomizers. To sum it up, this model is unmatched for its combination of value for money, form, and functionality.