The Best Vape Juice Brands Of 2018

E-cigarettes have been doing the rounds for quite some years now. In fact, the first set of e-cigarettes were out during the early 1900s. It was only during the 1960s that these cigarettes really became popular. Thereafter, vaping started gaining some traction and by the 2000s, several e-cigarette manufactures sprung. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best vape juice brands of 2018.

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The Milkman Vape Juice

The Milkman brand has been in the reckoning since the dawn of the e-cigarette industry. Initially called The Vaping Rabbit, the company was rebranded as The Milkman. After the rebranding, the company released multiple e-cigarette flavors one after the other, which helped it gain some serious momentum and also acquire new grounds. Later, the company started making 60ml bottles, launched even more flavor lines, and now is among the most renowned brands in the vaping world.

Juice Roll Upz

Juice Roll Upz is another major name as far as e juice brands go. The company is also a relatively seasoned campaigner whose flavors are quite sought-after and have been vaped across the world. The company first began offering 120ml and 20ml bottles. After some time, it released the 60ml Carnival flavor line. With time, the company started focusing more on the 60ml bottle category and launched a couple of fresh flavors too in that size segment.

It also came up with the menthol flavor that became quite popular. Later, the company launched the 100ml Carnival bottle and also added a fresh flavor to the series called ‘roll whip’. Thanks to its immense popularity, you would find Juice Roll-Upz in almost every e-cigarette store across the globe. Probably, the major reason for the brand’s massive reach and success is its delicious and high-quality flavors.

Naked 100

Naked 100’s popularity as a vaping brand could be attributed to its ability to produce premium, best-tasting vape juice. It’s not just about the quality but also quantity, for the brand comes up with fresh flavors every now and then. The company has a loyal base of consumers, which is why its new offerings get lapped up pretty quickly. The brand has multiple flavors to offer: fruit line, cream line, menthol line, candy line, and also a tobacco line. All these flavors are equally popular, with most of them ending up as best-sellers as several online e-cigarette stores.

Ruthless Vapors

Based in southern California, Ruthless Vapors is an established brand of e liquid. The company started its journey with 120ml and 30ml flavors that hit popularity charts right off the bat. Then, loaded e-liquid happened, which is the company’s extremely popular flavor line. The line is known for perfecting dessert-flavored juices and the massive bottles that get sold at an affordable price. With time, a lot more flavors got added to the line and these are currently among the popular e-liquids around.

Ruthless Vapors is one of those few companies that frequently release fresh flavors and also refresh existing flavor lines. And this tendency to update its current lineups and come with new offerings consistently has kept this company afloat all these years.

Dinner Lady

Based in the UK, Dinner Lady belongs to the more premium category of e-cigarette brands. The e-cigarette brands you come across in America are predominantly made in America. Very few manage to break into the U.S. e-cigarette market from outside. If a company does so, it must be a brand to reckon with. Dinner Lady is one of those rare non-U.S. e-cigarette brands to have made a name for itself on American shores.

Dinner Lady began its journey with its ‘lemon tart’ flavor. In fact, a lot of the company’s existing set of fans got introduced to the company through this flavor. When the lemon tart flavor was doing the rounds, people came to know about it and loved the flavor after having used it extensively. Later, they started talking about in on online forums, and which is when people came to know about the company behind the flavor. The most unique thing about the flavor is it tastes pretty much like actual food.

Once these forum posts started catching more eyeballs, every e-cigarette shop wanted to have the flavor in store. Eventually, the focus shifted from the flavor to the company behind the flavor, and people realized Dinner Lady was more than just its ‘lemon tart’ offering. They came to know that the brand had a lot more flavors to offer. Currently, Dinner Lady is a popular vape juice brand globally.

Marina Vape

We’ve been primarily covering established and experienced e-juice brands here, and Marina Vape is another name to the list. Based in Southern California, the company has been in the business for decades. The brand has been offering high-quality vape juices right from the start, and the story is still continuing. Needless to say, the company’s vape juices are quite popular among vapers across the globe.

Every company has a breaking point or the point when sales or profits truly skyrocket. For Marina Vape, this point was when it released its Pebbles Donut flavor. The freshly baked doughnut flavor profile and the fruity cereal atop truly rang a bell with its audience. When the flavor was released, no other e-cigarette company was offering it or anything similar to that. The people were, as a result, intrigued and they stood up and took notice of the brand. People then became curious about Marina Vape and wanted to know what more it had to offer.

This is when people came to know about other Marina Vape flavors such as Marshmallow Man, Milkshake Man, etc. The company even released the next versions of their popular flavors such as Marshmallow Man 3, Marshmallow Man 2, and Blueberry Milkshake Man.

Bazooka Vape

Bazooka Vape is a name known for its candy flavors. Compared to other brands on this list, Bazooka Vape is relatively new to the scene. It produces real plastic, vape juice-filled tubes. The 180ml size vape juices that a lot of people have come to know and love are courtesy of this company. In fact, Bazooka Vape started its journey with 200ml bottles that the vaping community had never heard of or imagined. A company that releases five flavors in such large bottle sizes should be quite sure of its game.

Long story short, Bazooka Vape truly altered the e-cigarette industry. The initial five flavors were gummy sour straw-based that the company truly perfected. All those five flavors are delicious and still extremely popular across e-cigarette stores.

Ripe Vapes

Ripe Vapes is another premium e-liquid brand that you should know about in 2018. To produce their premium, high-quality flavors, Ripe Vapes focusses a lot on the production, processing and labeling aspects of its products. Each bottle has a particular batch label that bears the batch number and also the birth date.

One of Ripe Vapes’ standout flavors is vanilla custard tobacco. This e-juice flavor is named VCT Private Reserve. The juice has an extraordinary flavor, thanks to the unique production technique employed. Some of the other flavors that Ripe Vapes is known for is Strawberry Crème Brulee, Key Lime Cookie, and Monkey Snack. After people started to taste these flavors, they realized Ripe Vapes truly has a uniqueness to watch out for.

These are some of the best vape juice brands out there out of the 1,000’s of varieties available.