Vape Pen Reviews & Ratings For 2018

As more smokers transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping, the use and sales of vape pens gain in popularity. These pens are an upgrade or more advanced version of the “e-cigarettes” or “cig-a-likes” which are designed to look and feel like actual cigarettes.

The downside to e-cigs is that their cartridges often are non-refillable and this basically means that you are stuck with the flavor of ejuice that your manufacturer provides. This is one of the reasons as to why more people are turning to Vape pens. Sometimes you can get flavored cartridges, yet the cost is higher than if you refill your own.

Vape pens basically allow you to experiment with different flavors and nicotine strengths. Vape pens have a longer battery life, are available in a variety of colors and different styles as well. They also have refillable tanks attached to the batteries so you are able to use a variety of different liquids in them instead of being stuck with certain flavors only.

Here’s a list of the best Vape pens for 2018:

Official Ratings & Review Of Vape Pens:

Note:  I used to enjoy the brand V2  – it was my favorite for a long time.  However, they were purchased by JUUL and essentially shut down.

However, another brand that stepped up and has some serious offerings in EVERY department of vaping is VaporFI.

Offering something for everyone, they offer vape juice, electronic cigarette devices, and of course, vape pens.

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The current offering of vape pens include some of the ones pictured below, plus many, many more.

Vape Pens

Remember, this V2 Review is dated and these products are no longer for sale as of October 26, 2018.

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V2 Pro Series 7

The V2 Pro Series 7 is able to function with both concentrates and e liquids. It even has support for dry herbs, ultimately making it a 3 in 1 device. There are other brands out there with a similar device, however, this stands out. Not only is it a great product, but the pricing, and company behind it really make this stand out.

Therefore, this vape pen has earned the distinction of being one of the best multipurpose vape pens of 2018. This three in one device is thanks to the separate cartridges that it makes use of.

The cartridges are all connected to the battery magnetically and this makes the process of switching more convenient and comfortable as compared to the standard 510 connection. The vape pen automatically knows which cartridges are loaded and alters the power/temperature settings accordingly.

However, the user still has access to the temperature control in each setting. Along with this, you will get an e-liquid cartridge and a dry herb cartridge as well as a charging cable and a set of cleaning tools. The concentrate cartridges also separately. So if you are a vaper who likes to dabble in different mediums, this vape pen will definitely get the job done. It’s well constructed, versatile and functional.

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The Pax 3

The Pax three is one of the latest and most popular weed vaporizers on the market. This vape pen quickly increased in popularity due to it being recognized as the best weed-only pen on the market for many years now. It has a 2 in 1 design which means that you can use dry herbs and concentrates in it depending on which cartridge you select while using it. It takes approximately 15 minutes to heat up so it’s also twice as fast as many are vape pens on the market. The vape pen feels and looks quite expensive. This is thanks to the high-quality materials and parts that are used to make it. It has an updated design an incredible response making it feel slightly futuristic. It also comes with a 10-year warranty which is a bonus for almost everyone. One of the most innovative features of this is the fact that it has a half pack oven lid. This basically means that you can choose how much weed you want to use at a time and will still be surrounded by heating tech. In order to activate the Pax 3, you simply press on the button at the top of the device. The LED lights alert you when it’s ready to use. Included with the vape pen is a dry herb cartridge, concentrate cartridge, charging cable, dock as well as a battery. There’s also extra mouthpieces, screens, and multiple tools for cleaning and this is by far one of the most popular devices on the market.

The Hydrology9

One of the first things that you will notice about the hydrology9 is that it has an innovative and unique design. It has been described by many as a work of art. It is made from space grade aluminum and has an almost sci-fi inspired appearance. It also has a glass body with the unique water filtration system that is also leakproof. It has an innovative stirring tool that ensures that none of your materials will go to waste. The hydrology9 is designed to be a dry herb vaporizer. It’s also simple to use and easy to maintain. Despite having unique functionality, it’s fairly easy to disassemble as well. The oven has a chip control thermometer that ensures a precise temperature in the event that any cold air enters the chamber and this allows for consistently even heating. It is a bit larger than your traditional portable vaporizer, however, the beautiful and modern design more than makes up for that. So while it may not easily slip into your pocket, it’s slim enough to fit into your bookbag. Ultimately, the vape pen has a genuine and innovative design and it is an absolute must-have for any dry herb user.

So these are the best vape pens of 2018 in order of the most popular, most used and best versatility and functionality according to user ratings.

V2 Pro Series 3x

The V2 Pro Series 3x is ideal for anyone who is looking to do a little bit of everything. Since it is compact enough, it also allows you to do it where ever you want. This vape pen comes complete with an optimized series – the ceramic eliquid cartridge as well as the series 3X e-liquid cartridge. It also has three atomizers which make the experience even better. It also has the capability of vaporizing concentrates and dry herbs with the appropriate cartridges. The vape pen has an advanced chipset which automatically reads which cartridges are loaded and then adjusts the output to the optimal range. However, it will still have the control of the temperature settings. In the package, you will get the V2 Pro Series 3x vaporizer as well as the e-liquid atomizers and cartridges. You also get a magnetic charging cable. If you are new to vaping and you’re not sure exactly which medium you prefer, you should definitely try out this vape pen. Its price is affordable and its functionality is unmatched. Ultimately, this is an excellent pen for an excellent price.

The 5th Degree vaporizer

The 5th Degree vaporizer comes with a dry herb and concentrates cartridge. This is one of the few devices that have this capability. It is considered one of the best THC vaporizers of 2018. The vape pen caters specifically to weed vapers. So since it specializes in this specific type of vaping, it does it better than other vape pens that attempt to do everything. So you can consider this a marijuana only vaporizer. It comes with two cartridges which are the dry herb cartridge and concentrates cartridge. You also get a magnetic charging cable and a set of maintenance tools along with it. The charger and the cartridges are magnetic which makes switching between the two cartridges a breeze. It has simple controls which allow the user to try different settings. If you consider yourself a hard-core THC vaper, then The 5th Degree vaporizer is definitely for you.